A photonovel (fotonovela or Fumetti) is a graphic novel that uses actors and models to portray characters in photographs rather than illustrations.  The cast members of KDP Productions photonovel series have done an outstanding job bringing this form of storytelling to you.  These books touch on a variety of topics including respect, love, sex, manipulation, betrayal, friendship, loyalty, encouragement, same-gender relationships, domestic violence, politics, promiscuity, self-esteem, pro-life vs. pro-choice, drug abuse and more.  All photonovels are available in eBook and/or hardcopies.  Don’t hesitate!  Don’t wait!  Get on the KDP PhotoNovels bandwagon today!!!

Pebblez Foster as Angela Williams
Fola I. as Daniel Shepherd
Ken Divine as Dean Ingram
Rejeanne Raymond as Jennifer Payne
Macquell James as Ivan Graham
Carissa Jones as Ruth Ramos
Randy Jones as Patrick Matthews
"First Timer"
"Model Mayhem"
"Consummate Professional"
"Crossing the Line"
"Guys with Cameras"


These photonovels are for mature audiences. Some issues contain strong language, drug use, sexual situations, nudity, and violence. Viewer discretion is advised. You must be 18+ to view this material.

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