The VIXENS photonovel series is a fantastic story that not only digs into the personal lives of three very-talented, aspiring singers but also covers many important issues including drugs and alcohol, infidelity, domestic violence, manipulation, abortion, depression, discrimination, homelessness, deception and revenge. But this is also a story of love, relationships, second chances, unity, self-esteem, confidence and overcoming obstacles. This Vixens series is filled with intense drama, heartfelt emotions, a sidebar of comedy and steamy love scenes.

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VIXENS is the story of three young women with extraordinary singing voices, who have the potential to be the best female group of all time. All that Gloria (Violet Matias), Patricia (Moon Daisy) and Angela (Keara “Peeblez” Foster) have to do is find a way to stay together. That won’t be easy with all the lies, manipulation, betrayal and scandal surrounding them. Strap in and get ready for a wild ride. Princess Kalu is back from WISTY as the group’s founder and manager. When things get beyond her control, she calls on the one person she knows who can “handle” any situation, her former lover from WISTY, the infamous Dean Ingram (Ken Divine). 

Protected: Vixens 1 (Extended Version)
Protected: Vixens 2


By Means of Manipulation

A lot of crazy things happened in the first issue of VIXENS. This issue carries things to the next level, as Dean Ingram causes more mayhem in the lives of everyone around him. Princess Kalu is doing her best to put her relationship with Dean on the back burner and focus on business, while Jennifer Payne is doing her best to get closer to Dean and make him her business. Gloria Garcia finally stops avoiding Patricia Greene so that they can discuss their relationship and respective careers. Meanwhile, Angela Williams is on a roller coaster of emotions and shows a side of herself that few people has ever seen.

Protected: Vixens 2 Extended
Protected: Vixens 3: Life Choice


Life Choice

So after many changes part three is here. This edition will bring up many debates, but it is only the buildup for what is yet to come.

New cast members taking over lead roles are Julliana Sanchez as Gloria Garcia and Chanel Gatita as Patricia Greene. Other new cast additions include Nikki Beaumont and Randy Jones. There is also a special appearance by Jeneth Whetstone.

Protected: Vixens 3 Extended
Protected: Vixens 4

VIXENS PART 4: Relationships

Part four continues with more scandal and new surprises, as well as strong messages about “relationships” that a lot of people will be able to relate to. This is the longest and most intense installment of the series! 

Protected: Vixens 4 Extended
Protected: Vixens 5


Best of the Best

We know very well that things aren’t always what they seem. In some of the darkest places, there is a light at the end leading to a better place. Making it through the darkness was the big challenge for all the Vixens, but they reach their shining light together to become the “Best of the Best.” 

Protected: Vixens 5 Extended


A Vixens Epilogue

The infamous antagonists we all love to hate will end the series on a hard, mind-blowing note that will surprise everyone! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

Protected: Dean & Jennifer


These photonovels are for mature audiences. Some issues contain strong language, drug use, sexual situations, nudity, and violence. Viewer discretion is advised. You must be 18+ to view this material.

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