Ophelia Carter is a bisexual school teacher and part-time personal trainer. She is married to Gregory Carter, a successful entrepreneur, who has no problem with his wife seeing other women on the side. Ophelia meets college student Lorinda Whitman and falls in love with her. Rather than choosing between her husband and female lover, Ophelia brings Lorinda home to Gregory and they become one big happy family – that is until something happens to make her feel betrayed, so she moves out to go live with her best friend Tamika Wilson and Tamika’s lesbian lover, Trevina Gooden. Gregory and Lorinda give Ophelia her space but plan a quest to get her back.
In the meantime Lorinda is on guard against Fatimah Wells, Gregory’s business partner at Destiny Wear, an upscale lingerie company. Although Lorinda shares Greg with Ophelia she certainly will not share him with any other woman, especially Fatimah. Then there is Dean Ingram, the talent agent who provides Destiny Wear with supermodels and celebrity clients. Dean hires Ophelia as his personal trainer, which leads to more trouble than anyone could have possibly imagined!


WHAT IS SHE TO YOU?: A PHOTO NOVEL is a novel like no other. It has pictures! Now you will be able to identify with the characters and see their emotions as the story unfolds. Get involved with the personalities and watch them take you where no book has ever before – 370 total pages of exciting, funny, erotic, intense drama all for the special price of $19.99!


Protected: What Is She to You (WISTY) Part 1
Protected: What Is She to You (WISTY) Part 2
Protected: What Is She to You (WISTY) Part 3
Protected: What Is She to You (WISTY) Part 4
Protected: What Is She to You (WISTY) Prequel
Protected: What Is She to You (WISTY) Complete


These photonovels are for mature audiences. Some issues contain strong language, drug use, sexual situations, nudity and violence. Viewer discretion is advised. You must be 18+ to view this material.

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